The types of individual taxpayers who benefit most from using us include:

Individuals -
We cater for the simplest to most complex tax returns. So no matter what your situation is, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Students -
If you have incurred study expense, our registered Tax Agents can determine what you can and cannot claim as a student and by reviewing your return, our Tax Agents will maximise your self-education deductions.

Travellers / Backpackers -
If you're in Australia on a working holiday TaxAid can help ensure you meet your Australian tax obligations quickly and confidentially. If you don't have an Australian bank account and are entitled to a tax refund, we can collect your refund on your behalf and pay it to you. If you're outside Australia during lodgment season, you can fill in a simple online tax assessment form and we will review, verify and lodge your tax return on your behalf.

Centrelink payment recipients -
If, during the year, you received a payment from Centrelink such as Newstart Allowance, Austudy or a pension, TaxAid is the perfect way to report that income to the ATO.

Temporary Residents [457 visa] -
Short term visits to Australia on work visa, like 457, gives temporary resident status for the overseas tax payers. Determination of 'residency status for tax purposes' makes whole lot of difference in tax calculation and refund. TaxAid can take care while reviewing your tax return.