1st July 2017

By registering to use our service, you agree to be bound by all of the following Terms and Conditions:
  1. You authorise TaxAid Australia (Impact Management Group Pty Ltd ABN 77 097 643 699 Registered Tax Agents number 01003006) to review and lodge your income tax return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) based only on the information you provide.
  2. Before TaxAid Australia lodges your income tax return, you agree to provide TaxAid Australia with:
    • Photo ID for proof of identity purposes that includes your name and Date of Birth.
    • All payment summaries received for the financial year.
  3. You will hold all of the original source documents used to prepare your income tax return for a period of 5 years from the date your income tax return is lodged.
  4. After TaxAid Australia receives all of your information required to prepare your income tax return and confirmation from you that your income tax return contains all of that information, TaxAid Australia will lodge your income tax return within 24hrs. After lodgment TaxAid Australia will email to you within 3 days acknowledgement from the ATO that they have received your income tax return.
  5. You acknowledge that the 10 working day tax refund is not a guarantee. All income tax returns are subject to review and assessment by the ATO after successfully lodging with the ATO.
  6. A tax refund may be delayed for a number of reasons such as inaccurate information, being a new taxpayer or an unusually large refund. TaxAid Australia is not liable for any delays.
  7. TaxAid Australia's income tax return service is designed to be a guide for you to accurately prepare your income tax return and electronically lodge directly with the ATO. TaxAid Australia does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy and validity of information that you provide on your income tax return.
  8. The information contained in the Users Reference section of this website is general in nature and not tax advice. The information is intended to help you prepare and lodge your income tax return easily. If you require tax advice please contact us at info@taxaidaustralia.com.au
  9. All communication provided to you by TaxAid Australia will be in writing.
  10. TaxAid Australia will notify you in writing of any errors arising with the income tax information you have provided.
  11. You will not attempt to violate the security of the TaxAid Australia website in any manner. This includes and not limited to any attempts to download data, source code, propagate malicious programs or viruses, or interfere with the operation of our computer systems.
  12. Confidentiality & Privacy: TaxAid Australia understands and appreciates that you, as a visitor or registered user, are concerned about your privacy and about the confidentiality and security of information we may gain about you online. We do not keep your credit card account details and will make every effort to keep your personal and financial information secure. TaxAid Australia is committed to protecting your privacy, in accordance with our Security and Privacy Policy.
  13. Refund Policy: TaxAid Australia strives to provide you with a superb service to validate the income tax return information you provide, and to lodge it with the ATO directly. Your complete satisfaction is our primary concern. If you are dissatisfied for any reason with our services, please first contact us at info@taxaidaustralia.com.au and advise us of the difficulty or issues with the service. We will make every effort to resolve the service issue within 5 business days and you may be entitled to a refund of our fee if that is unsuccessful. Refunds will be issued in the same method as the service was paid.
  14. Payment of Service: TaxAid Australia provides one of the cheapest methods of lodging your income tax return. TaxAid Australia offers more efficient processing and therefore a less expensive income tax return service. By preparing your own income tax return with TaxAid Australia, you are creating savings that you would otherwise pay to tax agents and accountants to prepare, which sometimes can be more than $100.
    TaxAid Australia charges a fee based on the complexity of the income tax return. A simple income tax return contains up to:
    • 2 payment summaries
    • bank interest from one bank account, and
    • total deductions below $300
    The fee for a simple income tax return is $60 (exclusive of GST). A complex income tax return is all other income tax returns that do not fit the above criteria. The fee for a complex income tax return will depend on the number of items in the tax form that are required to be completed. If your income tax return is complex, please contact us for the fee at info@taxaidaustralia.com.au. TaxAid Australia offers the following payment options: Visa and MasterCard.
  15. Contact Us: If you wish to notify us about anything relating to these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at info@taxaidaustralia.com.au.
  16. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of New South Wales. TaxAid Australia reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and the online taxation payment facility at any time.

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